The Netherlands Innovation Network UK stimulates collaboration between Dutch and British companies, research institutes and public authorities in the field of innovation, technology and science.

The activities of the Netherlands Innovation Network help execute the international knowledge and innovation agenda of the Dutch government.

Our team in the UK aims to foster bilateral science and innovation partnerships and to further develop key enabling technologies through collaboration between UK-NL SME’s, industry and knowledge institutes. The Netherlands Innovation Network UK is part of the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO). We are based at the Embassy of the Netherlands in the UK.

We develop innovation cooperation between the Netherlands and the United Kingdom by:

  • Providing insights into innovation, technology and science developments in the UK
  • Connecting Dutch and British stakeholders with potential innovation collaboration partners
  • Organising innovation missions, workshops, matchmaking events and seminars
  • Reporting on relevant policy developments

Our focus areas are key enabling technologies such as AI, quantum and photonics; energy transition (hydrogen, CCUS) and innovation cooperation at large between the Netherlands and the UK. A few examples of our work:

  • Artificial Intelligence: the UK has a burgeoning artificial intelligence sector existing of over 1500 AI companies combined with strong AI research institutes and investor networks. We have commissioned a market study of the AI landscape in the UK and opportunities for collaboration with the Netherlands which is available here. We have also published a specific AI in Health in the UK report which you can access here
  • Quantum: the UK is a frontrunner in quantum technology and has been implementing a National Quantum Technologies Programme since 2014. We have been connecting key players in the Dutch and quantum ecosystem through expert meetings and attending Quantum summits in the UK with Dutch delegations.
  • Photonics: the UK Innovation Strategy identifies photonics (with electronics and quantum) as one of the seven technology families of UK strength and opportunity. We have organised a series of events to connect the Dutch and British photonics ecosystems and identify opportunities in the fields of telecommunications and sensing.
  • Hydrogen: both the Netherlands and the UK are facing similar challenges in adopting hydrogen in their transition to clean energy. The Netherlands Innovation Network UK is connecting hydrogen players in both countries through (virtual) missions and has commissioned a market report on the UK’s hydrogen landscape which is available here.

Please get in touch about opportunities for innovation collaboration via Chief Innovation Advisor – Marjolein Bouwers or Innovation Advisor – Lara Neervoort. Please also follow our LinkedIn page Netherlands Innovation Network UK to stay up to date of new events and opportunities.

Image: ©Dutch Embassy
Lara Neervoort, Innovation Advisor (left) and Marjolein Bouwers, Chief Innovation Advisor (right)