The UK has left the EU. The EU and the UK have reached an agreement on their new partnership, the Trade and Cooperation Agreement. It changes the basis of our relationship and sets outs new rules, covering areas such as:

  • travel and border controls;
  • trade in services, such as delivery services and telecommunications;
  • trade in goods, such as flowers and food;
  • fair competition, including areas such as working hours and rules on the environment;
  • fisheries, including how much fish EU vessels can catch in UK waters;
  • social security, such as people’s right to receive benefits;
  • security, such as agreements on cooperation to combat crime and terrorism.



Doing business with the UK has changed. Information for businesses can be found via the Brexit Desk (in Dutch). Find out about effects of Brexit on your business by doing the Brexit Impact Scan (in Dutch).

Exporting to the UK? The UK government is phasing in border controls outlined in the Border Operating Model. From 1 July, 1 September and 1 November 2022, certification and physical checks will be introduced for plant products and products of animal origin, such as meat, dairy and fish products.

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