Netherlands embracing innovative circular business models.

According to the Institute of Positive Fashion the UK fashion market is one of the largest globally with revenues of £118 billion in 2019. It also states that the annual UK demand per capita for new items of clothing is higher than that of other high-income countries including The Netherlands. The current trend is that more and more organisations are calling for embedding circular principles in the fashion industry given the negative environmental and societal impact of the textiles supply chain. A lot of clothes still end up being burnt or buried in landfill to name just one of the challenges to solve. This challenge provides opportunities for Dutch businesses equipped to offer expertise.

To highlight these opportunities the Dutch Embassy organised a hybrid circular fashion event about how in the Netherlands we have embraced innovative circular business models that include recycling outworn clothing into new circular corporate wear and a water-free textile processing solution. These type of business models are interesting for British stakeholders to achieve circular textile targets and may contribute to help shape circular developments in the UK.

You can re-watch the session here: Circular Fashion: Where are we at in the UK and the Netherlands? - YouTube

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