Opportunities for Dutch Edtech in the UK!

On the 9th of March we issued a new report about the UK Edtech ecosystem. And, spoiler alert, Edtech is booming in the UK. The combined turnover of the broader market of education orientated businesses accounted to £56bn in 2020 alone. This makes the UK Edtech sector the biggest ecosystem in Europe. Attracting a  £139m of equity investment in 2021. The total value of active UK high-growth Edtech’s amounts to £1.8bn. And the investment in Edtech keeps growing.

From 23rd -25th of March the international education sector will gather at Bett, the global community for education technology. The place where ideas are born, connections are made and trade is accelerated! We are delighted to announce that the best of the Dutch Edtech Ecosystem will be presented  at the dedicated NL lounge.  Together with Dutch Edtech and ROMUtrecht we have put together an amazing team representing the Dutch Edtech ecosystem.

We will be joined by a big delegation of the Department of Education and Economic Affairs.

If you want to visit the NL-lounge or if you have any questions about the UK Edtech ecosystem or the Bett, please contact our Startup Liaison, lieke.conijn@minbuza.nl

We are looking forward to welcome the  Dutch Edtech ecosystem at the NL Lounge on Bett 2022 in London from the 23rd of March onwards!