UK leading the world in offshore wind power.

The Netherlands and the United Kingdom share a lot in common when it comes to offshore wind and coastal development projects. With 29% of the world’s total installed capacity, the UK is rightly known as the world leader in offshore wind power. In 2020 the total offshore wind energy capacity in UK waters is 10.9617 Gigawatts and onshore 13GW. Opportunities for Dutch companies include geophysical surveying, wind turbine construction and foundations, and maintenance. 

When it comes to coastal development projects, the UK and the Netherlands have been closely working together combining innovative Dutch research and practical British operational experience. Examples include the ‘sand motor’ project in Bacton based on Dutch knowledge and expertise in building with nature. Last year the UK government published its Flood and Coastal Erosion Risk Management Strategy which outlines the long-term vision for the UK to be ready for, and resilient to, flooding and coastal change. The importance is underpinned by a record-breaking investment of £5.2 billon on flood and coastal risk management by the UK government. In short, opportunities exist for Dutch companies offering products and services in coastal engineering and dredging. 

Several Dutch companies will be present during trade fair Oceanology International in London from 15 – 17 March to present high tech products for offshore wind and coastal projects. These companies are part of The Dutch Ocean Group which has 17 members representing Dutch expertise in coastal and marine services and products. Together with the Dutch Ocean Group, the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands is organising a lunch to connect the members with British companies. 

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