Opportunities for CCUS in the UK

Carbon Capture, Utilisation and Storage (CCUS) is a technology with potential to substantially remove greenhouse gas emissions globally. Both the Netherlands and the UK set ambitious Net Zero targets and are seriously investing in renewable energies to reach those targets. After offshore and onshore wind and solar power, hydrogen and  CCUS are also important parts of that mix.

Close collaboration between the Dutch and UK offshore wind sectors has already been a reality for a long time. The UK still being the largest producer of Offshore wind in the world. To encourage the same for newer technologies like hydrogen and CCUS, the Embassy has commissioned a report on the UK CCUS market.

The UK Government has set an ambitious target of capturing 20-30 MtCO2/year by 2030, deploying 2 CCUS clusters by 2025 and 4 CCUS clusters by 2030. To meet this aim, a funding competition has been launched. There are currently around twenty-two CCUS facilities in the UK between early development, operational and completed stages. There are many companies in the UK that are considering CCUS. Like in the Netherlands, it is still a nascent market requiring large development in supply chains and expertise. This creates many opportunities for both domestic and international companies to collaborate.

We will come with more news about the launch of the report on the UK CCUS market soon!  The Executive Summary of the CCUS report is available here. If you have any questions on CCUS or hydrogen in the UK, please feel free to contact Tessel van Essen (tessel-van.essen@minbuza.nl)  in the Economic Team or Lara Neervoort (lara.neervoort@minbuza.nl) in the Innovation Team.