Upcoming business trip to the UK? FAQ’s: Here’s what you need to know on work and business travel.

Due to Brexit, freedom of movement between the EU and the UK has ended. The easing of coronavirus measures – including travel restrictions – has led to an increase in questions on work and business travel to the UK. What are the current rules when travelling from the Netherlands to the UK? Here’s what you need to know on work and business travel. Information for tourists can be found here. Permitted activities for business visitors to the UK, without the need to apply for a visa, are listed here.

Q: What documents do I need to proof that I am a business visitor?

Guidance on which documents are recommended to prove compliance is available here. For attending business meetings for example, providing letters from inviting or sending organisations is recommended. Please note that EU ID cards are no longer accepted as a travel document by the UK.

Q: Is installation and repair work allowed for three or six months?

The legal limit is six months. Where 90 days is mentioned, this refers to guidance from the Home Office that may lead to questions about the intention of visits. If the work is expected to last longer than six months, then the EU company is advised to either acquire a sponsorship from a UK company or consider setting up a branch in the UK.

Q: What are the rules for installing stands at exhibitions and trade fairs in the UK?

There are no specific visitor routes available for this kind of work. There is a provision for the manufacture and supply of goods to the UK, including for the installation or dismantling of equipment. In that case, there has to be a contract with a UK company or organization.

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