Northernlands 4 : 26 and 27 April

Together with Open Innovations Leeds (formally known as Open Data Products - ODI Leeds), the Dutch Embassy in the UK has organized Northernlands 4. Northerlands is a series of events which were designed to showcase the North of England & the Netherlands as some of the most outward and forward looking, innovative and considered places of Northern Europe. The events showcasing #startups#SME’s and innovation centres from both countries, with the goal of connecting and learning from each other. Northernlands 4 will continue with this theme and hopes to stimulates connections across northern #England & the #Netherlands.

Image: ©Dutch Embassy

Northernlands 4 is a two day event as part of Leeds Digital Festival. It will be available virtually, free & open to all, across lunchtime 12-2:30pm so that as many people can join in as possible. The first day will feature connector organisations from #Leeds#Manchester & #Newcastle from the UK and Amsterdam from the Netherlands. The second day will be a showcase of startups working in digital & tech.
We will use the Internet as it was intended to provide global access to data and communications by building a resources hub page here so that before, after and during the event you will be able to reach out to any of the organisations involved. Convening, connecting & collaborating.

There will be opportunity to network, ask questions and make connections - please join in and share widely.

For more questions about the UK in general and the North of England in particular, please contact the economic team of the Embassy (