Wales is situated in the west of the UK. Its capital, Cardiff, is the main economic centre and financial services is one of the most important sectors. Agriculture and wind power facilities (both onshore and offshore) also play an important role.

There is, and always has been, a big social-economic and geographic integration between Wales and England. 95% of the population lives within an hour drive of England and around 100.000 people travel everyday between Wales and England for their jobs.

Through the Digital Development Fund, the Welsh government is positioning Wales as a base for digital businesses.

The Netherlands is Wales’ fifth largest export destination

Image: ©Dutch Embassy


Total output (GDP), 2019                        

£77.5 billion

GDP per head 



Number of businesses, 2021


Annual % change in businesses, 2021

-0,7 %

Import (2020)

  • Value goods from the world: £14,2 billion
  • Value goods from the Netherlands: £0,9 billion 
  • Main partners: United States, Germany and China
  • Main products: 

Export (2020)

  • Value goods from the world: £13,4 billion
  • Value goods from the Netherlands:  £0.9 billion 
  • Main partners: Germany, France, United States 
  • Main products: 

Invest Company:

TradeandInvest Wales

Image: ©Dutch Embassy