Startups & Scale-ups

London has a thriving startup ecosystem and within Europe the number one place for tech talent and startups. It also holds a leading position in the global tech sector. 

The UK government believes that the Tech Ecosystem will play an important role in a thriving post-Brexit and post-Covid economic future. The latest developments in the UK digital economy help substantiate this:

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The network for Tech entrepreneurs in the UK, TechNation, publishes an annual report on the UK startup ecosystem, that you can find here

Need to know

Regardless of the region chosen for your point of entry to the UK, there’s a common list of practical aspects to consider when planning for expansion. It's extremely important to be prepared and familiarize yourself with the processes.  Sharpen your soft skills, build your network and familiarize yourselves with the Brits and the requirements.


The UK has a lot of investment funds through, AngelInvestors, Venture Capital Firms and other Programs. London investors meet a lot of innovators and see a lot of pitches. Stand out by being ambitious, focus on your team and talk about solving a particular problem.

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Social Culture

Meetups, network events and drinks form an essential element of all UK startup ecosystems and certainly in London. They are very important for building your network. It gives you the opportunity to get to know the players in the ecosystem and the players to get to know you. There are many meetups and events in all the ecosystems around the UK. On every subject, in many sectors. 

Co-working, Incubators & Accelarators

London has many co-working spaces, from "ordinary" giving you a work space to spaces that offer accelerator programs and more. A big plus from most co-working spaces is the network they have. Not only from the people who work there now, but also through their many alumni.

There are more than a 100 accelerator/incubator programs in London so a lot to choose from. They can boost your growth not only in the UK but worldwide.  

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How can the Embassy help you?

The Startup Liaison from the economic team helps startups and scale-ups pursue their international ambitions in the UK. But the whole team will be pleased to assist you in your search for possible partners and clients.

We can offer you the following services:

  • Joint organization of an event
  • Support with participating in events for startups/scale-ups
  • Organizing bootcamps/go-to-market programs/mini-missions on specific topics
  • Networking events with mentors and the UK ecosystem.

Please contact Lieke Conijn, our Startup Liaison,  if you would like more information about opportunities for your startup/scale-up in the UK. Or when you just want to meet up for an informal talk. We are looking forward to support you on your path to international growth here in the UK.